THE PASSION OF PURSUIT series is a front row seat to men chasing ducks, as the creator chases them. 

Passion of Pursuit is a waterfowl based mini-series on CarbonTV. Each episode is a display of what 6 individuals and their friends and family encounter no matter the outcome of a hunt. Life lessons and hardships, abundant blessings and fellowship. There are stories and experiences within each hunt that produce more than a memory and good gumbo. And it is within the series that we want to share these stories.

When Joey Gauthier of Revelation Outdoors and Brian Dryden of Motion Culture decided to produce a video series, Passion of Pursuit was the idea. A waterfowl show that held the standard at authenticity and storytelling, and unwavering in being able to present experiences founded in faith. 

It's hard for us not to see the way God passionately pursues us as we chase ducks through the flyways. In the sunrises you remember years after they've vanished, or in the colors of a drake wood duck. It's in the massive Tupelo swamps we take cover in, and cast across a clear sky at night. There is a scandalous beauty that's anything but hidden in creation. So just as we are passionate about the pursuit of waterfowl, we hope it illustrates an image of how passionate the Creator is about pursuing you.