With duck season open and our first hunts fast approaching within Season 2 of Passion of Pursuit, it's officially that time of year we long for in it's absence. Now that our website is launched we are adding another look into the Passion of Pursuit with exclusive behind the scenes content and articles here on the blog. In this article we will share a few behind the scenes shots of what went into the Season 2 trailer that was just released, and introduce you to our partners. 

Passion of Pursuit is year round... whether it is filming, scheduling, promoting, scouting; it never stops and still seems as if we can't get it all done. The Season 2 trailer was not left out of this chaotic spiral. As we approached episode one's release next month, we were in a scramble to figure out what content would go into the trailer with what we had, what needed to be shot, and solidifying our first few hunts on the calendar. One thing that came out of putting the trailer together was a major decision to be made on combining two episodes that were shot last year. The positives and negatives were weighted equally in that we would have to film more this season to make up for it, but we could integrate our partners into more episodes sooner. While shooting for Season 2 last year, we spent almost four weeks at one location broken into two trips (there's a math quiz at the end of this so I hope you're writing down all these numbers, lol). This meant that Episode 1 & 2 would look a lot alike, and also prevent us from getting our partners integrated into our season sooner. And with our series only being five episodes, it was important to us that we showcase those relationships as much as we can. The really good news in all of this is, the forecast of weather this winter is supposed to be in the duck hunters favor. And even if that is not the case, we will have a lot of great stories to tell with the people and places we are scheduled to visit in this seasons pursuit. 

Before getting into the partners we represent in the Passion of Pursuit series, it's important to us that our followers, viewers, and friends understand something; the relationships we maintain with the companies that support us do not exist solely within "Passion of Pursuit". Where Motion Culture Media and Passion of Pursuit stand firm is in the authenticity of relationships and story telling. We want to be intentional and deliberate in how we represent water-fowling, the people we share blinds with, and the brands that we endorse as tried and true. And with that being said we could not be happier, more proud, and excited to share the stories of success and failure, the burdens of cold wet mornings, and the passion of pursuit with the following brands:

  • Plythal Lethal Layering Systems
  • Cherokee Sports
  • Copperhead Mud Motors
  • Gator Waders
  • Edge Boats
  • Canyon Coolers
  • Spectra Shot
  • Predator War Paint
  • Jebs Choke Tubes
  • Xciter Calls

Episode 1 of Season 2 will kick off in Arkansas where we are hunting with our old friend Heath Whitmore of Band of Brothers, and the lab that is way more popular than him, "Beebo". Through Heath we became family with Randy Papa and his guides over at Ducks and Dogs. We'll tell you that the sky falls over and over again, but as for the rest of the story, please watch it unfold on CarbonTV. 

Support us by subscribing to the Passion of Pursuit channel on CarbonTV.com and before Season 2 releases on November 15th, watch all of Season 1 to catch up. It's the best waterfowl content on the world wide web, it carries a message that is eternal, and it's all free! 

God Bless and good luck to everyone this season, and thank you so much for all of the support! 

- The Team at Passion of Pursuit